Sunday, May 26, 2013

Henryville High School Alumni Association Annual Banquet 2013

The Annual Henryville High School Alumni Banquet will be held on June 8, 2013 at Henryville High School Cafeteria.  The doors will open at 4:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  The meal will be served beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

Our theme this year is celebrating Henryville History!

Special recognition will be given to the Golden and Silver Anniversary classes of 1962 and 1987.  There were 41 graduates in 1963 and 72 in 1988.  Ninety-five (95) students in the class of 2013 will be recognized as graduates.  We will recognize the oldest female, oldest male, and alumnus traveling the farthest.  The 50-year and 25-year classes will be seated as a group, as well as the graduating class of 2013.  We encourage other classes to make the annual banquet a part of your class reunion and welcome your requests for special seating.

If you plan on attending this years banquet send in your reservation form with your Alumni Dues by May 30th.  The reservation form is included in your annual newlsetter.

Cost of the dinner is $14.00 per person and will be provided by Ponderosa.  Dues are $5.00 per graduate.  Please pay your dues even if you are unable to attend the banquet.  The dues help the Alumni Association keep graduate's information up to date.

We will be supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund this year.  Please mark your donation on the reservation form and make a separate check for the Scholarship Fund.  This donation is tax-deductible.

We have 3,000 graduates now to keep track of, so your giving really helps in finding them on the list.  You may request a mailing list for your class any time by contacting Treasurer Vivian Coomes Wright at 812-294-1350 or Janet Mullins at 812-294-1350 or by mail to HHS Alumni, PO Box 422, Henryville, IN 47126.

A photographer will be at the banquet to take pictures of the anniversary classes.  A group photo of the class of 1963 (50 year) will be taken and given to all members attending as a gift from the HHS Alumni Association.  Photos of the classes of 1988 and 2013 or other classes who want a group photo taken will be $11.00 each.